If you want to amp up your curb appeal, remove your lawn to create an eco-friendly garden or create a private, urban oasis for outdoor relaxing, dining, and entertaining, our team can provide you with a turn-key garden design and installation that matches your vision. This is our specialty.

Let our expertise and experience, partnered with your vision of a dream garden project, make your dream become a reality. Our professional design and installation team will create the perfect oasis where you can temporarily escape from your busy life, and enhance the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Brownstones and Backyards: Sunny Environs to Shady Retreats


Many residential gardens in the city have no choice but to reside in the shade. Shady garden retreats present their own unique mix of challenges. We craft functional designs playing on the strengths of shade to create beautiful residential retreats using paving, groundcovers, artificial lawn and seasonal vignettes. Plants that have bright, bold, splashes of color are carefully placed to brighten up shady corners and the garden is highlighted by using plants with varying textures. We can fill every square inch of space through the creative techniques of vertical gardening and the addition of vines. Play areas for children and luxurious and relaxing sanctuaries for adults are incorporated into the design by using architectural elements, comfortable furniture, art, and water features.

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Sleek, Modern Retreat RB_A

A Stone’s Throw from Beauty RB_B

Panoramic Stepping Stones to a Lush Life RB_C

Tranquility Ascending RB_D

Secluded Hideaway of Splendor RB_E

The Lush Life RB_F

Rooftop Terraces and Balconies – Gardens In The Sky


Rooftop terrace and balcony garden spaces present additional challenges of weight, wind and water. Our design team members are experts at solving these challenges to create a sustainable rooftop terrace or balcony garden.

Our custom planter boxes are properly placed based on careful consideration of the existing structural support on your roof terrace or balcony. Our pots are made from modern materials that are lightweight but sturdy enough to resist breakage and strong winds. Our design criteria for rooftop terrace and balcony garden spaces includes lightweight mixtures for planting and plants that are selected based on their water requirements and wind-resistant characteristics.

Other design choices for rooftop terrace and balcony gardens include adding structures such as pergolas or shade arbors, fashioned out of wood, iron, or shade cloth, to protect from the harsh elements of sun and wind.

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Fresh Air Vista RR_A

Urban Oasis with a View RR_B

Sophisticated Rooftop of Solitude RR_C



Curb appeal is an important aspect when trying to attract customers to your business or potential residents to your condo or co-op. We specialize in four-season landscaping and choose plants with ever-lasting features such as colorful berries, seed pods, or bark, along with plants that have interesting textures and colors, to create unique beauty. We also understand the multi-layered approval process and how to make the process go smoothly by working with your building’s committees.

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A Soothing Welcome: A Geometric Re-imagining of Space C_A

Meandering Tranquility in the Shade C_B

Multi-colored, Easy Care Border C_C

Welcome Home to Four Seasons of Interest C_D

Harmonious Islands of Green C_E



We have a knack for turning wastelands, neglected gardens, devastated industrial landscapes, and distressed properties into oases and sanctuaries. We have a unique ability to conceive “what could be” by projecting our vision onto the current space using imaginative and fresh ideas.  

Even the most neglected garden space can be brought back to life with proper design and care to become a practical, beautiful garden that reflects the owner’s neighborhood, house, and personal style.

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From Ruins to Renewal T_A

From Concrete Jungle to Welcome Home T_B

Peaceful Levels of Repose T_C