Residential | Brownstones and Backyards: Sunny Environs to Shady Retreats

Many residential gardens in the city have no choice but to reside in the shade. Shady garden retreats present their own unique mix of challenges. We craft functional designs playing on the strengths of shade to create beautiful residential retreats using paving, groundcovers, artificial lawn and seasonal vignettes. Plants that have bright, bold, splashes of color are carefully placed to brighten up shady corners, and the garden is highlighted by using plants with varying textures. We can fill every square inch of space through the creative techniques of vertical gardening and the addition of vines. Play areas for children and luxurious and relaxing sanctuaries for adults are incorporated into the design by using architectural elements, comfortable furniture, art, and water features.

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Formal garden beds are planted exuberantly with horticultural diversity. This garden bursts into color in spring with a diverse array of bulbs and it wows in the summer with hot colored annuals. The family has a place to dine or entertain while the children and pets have a large lawn for playing. Upstairs is the “adults only” evening garden where subtle fragrance and color allows for peaceful relaxation after a hectic day.


The spirit of this sunny brownstone garden is reminiscent of a garden in Provence, France, with its color and fragrance of lavender, hydrangea, and brightly colored annuals. The diamond-shaped patio has an unique stone and gravel pathway.


A green, welcoming home with curb appeal; a shady refuge where family rests and dogs play; and a terrace with bright annuals, graceful grasses, and panoramic cityscapes, all add up to a perfect late afternoon retreats.

124 Dean Street Terrace After 1_WR


The multi-dimensional hardscaping of steps, paths, and patio, adds stunning layers of interest to this formal brownstone garden. Structure is created by a constant evergreen backdrop and tightly tended plantings. Seasonal annuals in hot colors occupy a myriad of containers viewed from the cool shade of an umbrella.


Mixed borders of native, exotic, and wildlife-friendly plantings embrace a cool pond. Whimsical details and pots overflowing with brilliant annuals and tropicals, round out this unique getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.


This formal brownstone backyard has the restrained, understated elegance of an English townhouse garden. The evergreen structure is populated predominantly with white flowers, however, in late summer, the pollarded crepe myrtles burst with color. An aging hedge was transformed into a beautiful knot garden of intertwined boxwood and lavender, creating an enchanting view from the client’s office.